Steffi Nodop

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We report on the development of a method for repeated monitoring of mucosal permeability that allows assessment of the severity of colitis and evaluation of treatment efficacy in HLA-B27 transgenic rats. We determined the extent to which intestinal permeability related to stool condition, colon weight, and histological pathology in precolitic and diseased(More)
Die beiden Kernziele der Neuen Rückenschule (Neue RS) mit ihrem biopsychosozialen Ansatz sind die nachhaltige Stärkung der physischen und psychosozialen Gesundheitsressourcen. Anhand der Untersuchung von Probanden mit nichtspezifischen Rückenschmerzen erfolgte eine Evaluierung der physischen Effekte der Neuen RS. Mittels Oberflächenelektromyographie (OEMG)(More)
OBJECTIVE The study represents a conceptual replication of the study by Eng et al. (2001) in a sample of adult patients diagnosed with social anxiety disorder as primary diagnosis. METHODS Two different attachment questionnaires (Bielefeld Questionnaire of Client Expectations (BQCE) and Experiences in Close Relationships (ECR-RD)) were applied to examine(More)
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