Steffi Lehmann

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WHAT IS ALREADY KNOWN ABOUT THIS SUBJECT Gestational weight gain is a modifiable risk factor for childhood overweight. WHAT THIS STUDY ADDS Exceeding the recommended gestational weight gain increases the risk for childhood overweight by about 30%. Interventions to avoid excessive weight gain are needed. BACKGROUND Overweight and obesity in children are(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Headache is a common health problem in adolescents. There are a number of risk factors for headache in adolescents that are amenable to intervention. The aim of the study was to assess the effectiveness of a low-level headache prevention programme in the classroom setting to prevent these risk factors. METHODS In all, 1674 students(More)
BACKGROUND The identified preventable risk factors for primary headache in adolescents are smoking; consumption of coffee or alcoholic mixed drinks; physical inactivity; muscle pain in the head, neck, or shoulder region; and chronic stress. OBJECTIVE To investigate the interrelation of headache with other health complaints and the specificity of the(More)
AIM The aim of the present analysis is to confirm or refute the association of neck pain to migraine or tension-type headache and to assess whether this association is independent of other risk factors for headache. METHODS Secondary school students were invited to complete a questionnaire on headache and lifestyle factors in a cross-sectional study. Neck(More)
INTRODUCTION Several risk factors for headache have been identified, some of which are potentially amenable to interventions. The potential effect of such interventions can be predicted by the population-attributable risk fraction (PARF). We assessed PARFs of the the following risk factors: neck muscle pain, chronic stress, alcohol consumption, smoking,(More)
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