Steffi Keller

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AIM Constitutive genetic deletion of the adaptor protein p66(Shc) was shown to protect from ischaemia/reperfusion injury. Here, we aimed at understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying this effect in stroke and studied p66(Shc) gene regulation in human ischaemic stroke. METHODS AND RESULTS Ischaemia/reperfusion brain injury was induced by performing(More)
The amount of venom injected by the spider Cupiennius salei depended on the efficiency of the mechanical defence of the prey species. Spiders were milked for the first venom (i.e. the first microlitre of venom emitted) versus remaining venom, and for venom regenerated from emptied glands. HPLC gel filtration and IEF electrophoresis showed that the protein(More)
BACKGROUND We prospectively compared lymphatic complications after two types of surgery for primary sapheno-femoral incompetence: sharp dissection with meticulous ligation of lymphatic tissue and electrocoagulation technique respectively. PATIENTS AND METHODS 154 consecutive patients undergoing surgery for bilateral primary sapheno-femoral incompetence(More)
This study evaluated specially designed perfluorocarbon (PFC) emulsions as blood substitutes in case of induced ischemia of the left heart ventricle in healthy farm pigs. Two hundred ml of perfluorocarbon emulsion were infused while 200 ml of blood were simultaneously drawn. Radiographic contrast media were given to aid placement of balloon catheters in the(More)
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