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This report presents a comprehensive survey of the effect of different data layouts on the single processor performance characteristics for the lattice Boltzmann method both for commodity " off-the-shelf " (COTS) architectures and tailored HPC systems , such as vector computers. We cover modern 64-bit processors ranging from IA32 compatible (Intel(More)
  • S Donath
  • 2001
OBJECTIVE To investigate the specificity and sensitivity of three different scoring methods of the 12-item General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12) and hence to determine the best GHQ-12 threshold score for the detection of mental illness in community settings in Australia. METHOD Secondary data analysis of the 1997 Australian National Survey of Health and(More)
The performance of many CFD applications, like the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM), on popular cluster computers can fall far short of the impressive peak performance numbers. Using a large scale LBM application, we demonstrate the different performance characteristics of modern supercomputers. Classical vector systems (NEC SX8) still combine excellent(More)
The success of an enterprise is largely determined by its ability and flexibility to react to changes and its business process stability and safeness. Innovative technologies help to improve the execution and management of business processes and ensure that a competitive position can be achieved or enhanced. Radio frequency identification is such an(More)
Thes uccesso fa ne nterprisei sl argelyd etermined by its ability and flexibilityt or eact to changes and its business process stabilitya nd safeness. Innovativet echnologiesh elpt oi mprove thee xecutiona nd management of business processes and ensure that ac ompetitivep osition can be achieved or enhanced. Radiof requencyi dentificationi s such an(More)
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