Steffen Walter

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Research in psychotherapy has shown that the frequency of use of specific classes of words (such as terms with emotional valence) in descriptions of scenes of affective relevance is a possible indicator of psychological affective functioning. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), we investigated the neural correlates of these linguistic markers(More)
The interpretation of the results obtained from immunomonitoring of clinical trials is a difficult task due to the variety of methods and protocols available to detect vaccine-specific T-cell responses. This heterogeneity as well as the lack of standards has led to significant scepticism towards published results. In February 2005, a working group was(More)
BACKGROUND Therapeutic vaccination directed to induce an anti-tumoral T-cell response is a field of extensive investigation in the treatment of melanoma. However, many vaccination trials in melanoma failed to demonstrate a correlation between the vaccine-specific immune response and therapy outcome. This has been mainly attributed to immune escape by(More)
The individual nature of physiological measurements of human affective states makes it very difficult to transfer statistical classifiers from one subject to another. In this work, we propose an approach to incorporate unlabeled data into a supervised classifier training in order to conduct an emotion classification. The key idea of the method is to conduct(More)
BACKGROUND The clinically used methods of pain diagnosis do not allow for objective and robust measurement, and physicians must rely on the patient's report on the pain sensation. Verbal scales, visual analog scales (VAS) or numeric rating scales (NRS) count among the most common tools, which are restricted to patients with normal mental abilities. There(More)
The field of therapeutic anticancer vaccines has experienced a renaissance following the success of randomized Phase III clinical trials involving meta-static prostate cancer patients (leading to the first-in-history FDA approval of an anticancer vaccine in 2012), 1 advanced-stage melanoma patients 2 and follicular lymphoma patients. 3 This recent success(More)
There is an increasing interest for monitoring circulating myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) in cancer patients, but there are also divergences in their phenotypic definition. To overcome this obstacle, the Cancer Immunoguiding Program under the umbrella of the Association of Cancer Immunotherapy is coordinating a proficiency panel program that aims(More)
Affective computing aims at the detection of users' mental states, in particular, emotions and dispositions during human-computer interactions. Detection can be achieved by measuring multimodal signals, namely, speech, facial expressions and/or psychobiology. Over the past years, one major approach was to identify the best features for each signal using(More)
Extreme psychological and physical traumas cause dramatic symptom patterns which are insufficiently described by the psychiatric diagnostic criteria of post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). Additionally, due to the neurobiological proximity and similarity of processing mechanisms of physical and psychological pain stimulation and extremely negative(More)