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Pain is what the patient says it is. But what about these who cannot utter? Automatic pain monitoring opens up prospects for better treatment, but accurate assessment of pain is challenging due to the subjective nature of pain. To facilitate advances, we contribute a new dataset, the BioVid Heat Pain Database which contains videos and physiological data of(More)
The goal of our research is the development of algorithms for automatic estimation of a person's verbal intelligence based on the analysis of transcribed spoken utterances. In this paper we present the corpus of German native speakers' monologues and dialogues about the same topics collected at the University of Ulm, Germany. The monologues were(More)
One of the most important and difficult fields in research of assistive environment technology is the recognition of emotional and motivational user's states. Emotion studies in the past show, that there are only a few universal interindividual valid psychobiological profiles states, which are stable associated with a user's emotional state. In this(More)