Steffen Ullrich

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The present study focused on the consequences of cut-off scores in personality disorder diagnoses for their association with criminal behavior. Using ICD-10 personality disorder criteria eliminating offence-related symptoms, we studied the distributions of categorically diagnosed personality disorders and of dimensional personality disorder scores in a(More)
BACKGROUND It is unclear whether Axis II psychopathology or co-morbid clinical syndromes result in the treatment-seeking behaviour and social impairment of patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD). This study examined the independent associations between social functioning and service use and Axis I and Axis II disorders in persons with BPD in(More)
The authors studies the relationship of EEG abnormalities and violent criminal behavior in 222 defendants referred for psychiatric evaluation. There was no connection between the number of violent offenses and EEG abnormalities in general. Focal abnormalities, however, especially of the left hemisphere, were related to a significantly higher number of(More)
The personality construct "psychopathy" is of utmost importance in legal prognosis. In the last 20 years, a multitude of empirical research proved the predictive validity of this concept concerning the degree of dangerousness represented by an offender. In the present study, a representative, nonselected sample of 416 offenders was examined using the(More)
To study the influence of alcohol and psychosocial variables on delinquent behavior, we coded data from the psychiatric evaluation of 254 defendants using a standardized score sheet, analyzing correlations between acute intoxication at the time of the crime (ICD 10:F10.0), diagnosis of alcohol dependency according to ICD 10 (F10.2), psycho-biographical(More)
Everyone loves Web 2.0 applications. They are easy to use and fast, and can be accessed from any computer or smartphone without installation. They let us easily communicate and share data with one another, shop simply, and access vast amounts of information. However, they're also frequently mentioned in connection with novel exploits, data leaks, or(More)
The authors examined 261 forensic-psychiatric reports to determine whether persons convicted of criminal homicide differed from persons convicted of other crimes with regard to personal biography, sociodemographic milieu, and character traits. Both groups were found to come from similarly disadvantaged social backgrounds. Murderers could not be(More)
The widespread use of Web 2.0 technologies yields an increasing threat potential for users and related systems. Modern web applications and online services are nowadays based on Web 2.0 technologies, such as JavaScript and AJAX, and thus on the execution of active content in the browsers of the users. Firewalls are a common practice to securely connecting(More)
Home Treatment (HT) means acute psychiatric treatment in the patient's usual environment. Conceptually, HT is to be differentiated from other home-based services: It is limited with regard to duration and multiprofessional (e. g. psychiatrist plus psychiatric nursing staff plus social worker); the "24/7"-accessibility is frequently provided by the(More)
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