Steffen Thielemans

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Recently there has been an increase in the use of model based predictive control (MBPC) for power-electronic converters. MBPC allows fast and accurate control of multiple controlled variables for hybrid systems such as a power electronic converter and its load. The computational burden for this control scheme however is very high and often restrictive for a(More)
In this paper, we propose a holistic approach to raise building efficiency, consisting in: i) a smart ICT-based monitoring and control system, relying on wired and wireless sensors and actuators, that uses the existing lighting infrastructure as cabled data link; ii) an innovative lighting network, low voltage direct current powered, integrating(More)
This paper highlights the benefits and possible drawbacks of a DC-based lighting infrastructure for powering Light Emitting Diode (LED)-lamps. It also evaluates the efforts needed for integrating the so called smart lighting and other sensor/actuator based control systems, and compares existing and emerging solutions. It reviews and discusses published work(More)
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