Steffen Rochel

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Mature olfactory neurons are continually replaced from a population of progenitor cells. Olfactory nerve section, bulbectomy, or treatment with certain chemicals induces degeneration of olfactory neurons followed in some cases by regeneration. Ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) activity was measured in mouse olfactory tissues as an indicator of cellular(More)
Power distribution verification is rapidly becoming a necessary step in deep submicron (DSM) design of high performance integrated circuits. With the increased load and reduced tolerances of DSM circuits, more failures are being seen due to poorly designed power distribution systems. This paper describes an efficient approach for the verification of power(More)
—Clocks are perhaps the most important circuits in high-speed digital systems. The design of clock circuitry and the quality of clock signals directly impact the performance of a very large scale integrated chip. Clock skew verification requires high accuracy and is typically performed using circuit simulators. However, in high-performance(More)
Recovery of cholinergic transmission after in vivo blockade with alpha-bungarotoxin (alpha-BTX), and the relationship of recovery to availability of unbound acetylcholine receptors (AChR) were studied in rat diaphragm. When 83% of endplate acetylcholine receptor binding sites were blocked, transmission was absent. A barely detectable recovery of the blocked(More)
The dipeptide carnosine (beta-alanyl-L-histidine) has been proposed as a neurotransmitter in the mammalian olfactory pathway. Therefore, the efflux of in vivo-synthesized [14C]carnosine from mouse olfactory bulb synaptosomes was investigated. Carnosine was found to be released from the olfactory bulb synaptosomes by two mechanisms. The first is a slow(More)
Leakage power minimization is critical to semiconductor design in nanoscale CMOS. On the other hand increasing variability with scaling adds complexity to the leakage analysis problem. In this work we seek to achieve tractability in Monte Carlo-based statistical leakage analysis. A novel approach for fast and accurate statistical leakage analysis(More)
Power distribution design in high-performance chips is a task that is not eased through the application of power reduction techniques. Although the average power of a high-performance design can be reduced, the peak to average power current ratio of blocks increases as a result, aggravating the challenges faced prior to average power reduction. This paper(More)
The efficacy of evoked ACh release by intact and newly sprouted terminals in response to partial denervation and expansion of the motor neuron terminal field was studied in mouse soleus muscle after section of the L-5 spinal root. From 2 to 4 d after partial denervation until 90 d later, only 3-7 motor units of the normal 21 remained. Regeneration of the(More)