Steffen Mencke

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We studied the epidemiology of ankle fractures prospectively during 1 year in a population of about 200,000. The overall incidence rate was 107 fractures per 10(5) person-years. Below the age of 50, ankle fractures were commonest in men. After this age, females became predominant and the age-specific incidence rates decreased in both sexes. The main cause(More)
Isolated fractures of the capitate, though rare, are probably often missed entirely. As in scaphoid fractures, repeated radiographs, tomography, or bone scanning are necessary for the diagnosis. Reviewing the literature, we found that most capitate fractures reported were transverse or combined with other carpal injuries, including the scapho-capitate(More)
This paper presents a framework to describe the crossover domain of e-learning and agent technology. Furthermore it is used to classify existing work and possible starting points for the future development of agent techniques and technologies order to enhance the performance and the effectiveness of several aspects of e-learning systems. Agents are not a(More)
The importance of providing integration architectures in every field of application is beyond controversy these days. Unfortunately existing solutions are mainly focusing on functionality. But for the success of Systems Integration in the long run, the quality of developed architectures is of substantial interest. Existing quality-related information can be(More)