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AIMS To determine whether an adequate histological diagnosis of gastric polyps can be attained on the basis of forceps biopsy. PATIENTS AND METHODS In a prospective multicentre study, 194 patients with 222 endoscopically removable gastric polyps (>or=5 mm) underwent forceps biopsy and complete polypectomy. Patients with fundic gland polyps and polyposis(More)
INTRODUCTION Laser lithotripsy of bile duct stones has become a widely accepted endoscopic treatment modality for giant, impacted, or very hard stones. The procedure is usually carried out under direct endoscopic control in view of the potential risk of bile duct injuries in "blind" laser application. AIMS To investigate the use of a rhodamine 6G laser(More)
The automated analysis and classification of textured regions in color images is an active field of research in image processing and pattern recognition. However, most of the published algorithms require ideal imaging conditions with respect to homogenous illumination conditions or calibrated recording devices. In this work we propose a YUV-based shading(More)
Nutritional support and pain control by medication are often used concomitantly, but interactions are hardly investigated. A randomised, double-blind, cross-over study in ten right-handed volunteers was performed evaluating the influence of cholecystokinin (CCK)-excretion on the perception of pain in a standardised model. CCK-excretion was induced by a(More)
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