Steffen Leonhardt

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A ballistocardiograph records the mechanical activity of the heart. We present a novel algorithm for the detection of individual heart beats and beat-to-beat interval lengths in ballistocardiograms (BCGs) from healthy subjects. An automatic training step based on unsupervised learning techniques is used to extract the shape of a single heart beat from the(More)
The existing shortage of therapists and caregivers assisting physically disabled individuals at home is expected to increase and become serious problem in the near future. The patient population needing physical rehabilitation of the upper extremity is also constantly increasing. Robotic devices have the potential to address this problem as noted by the(More)
A method for optimal continuous insulin therapy for diabetes patients has been sought since the early 1970s. Although technical and medical advances have been made, a fully automated artificial pancreas to replace the functions of the natural organ is still a research aim. This review compares recent control algorithms for type 1 diabetic patients which(More)
Reliable and accurate estimation of instantaneous frequencies of physiological rhythms, such as heart rate, is critical for many healthcare applications. Robust estimation is especially challenging when novel unobtrusive sensors are used for continuous health monitoring in uncontrolled environments, because these sensors can create significant amounts of(More)
INTRODUCTION As it becomes clear that mechanical ventilation can exaggerate lung injury, individual titration of ventilator settings is of special interest. Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) has been proposed as a bedside, regional monitoring tool to guide these settings. In the present study we evaluate the use of ventilation distribution change maps(More)
Dynamic thoracic EIT is capable of detecting changes of the ventilation distribution in the lung. Nevertheless, it has yet to become an established clinical tool. Therefore, it is necessary to consider application scenarios wherein fast and distinct changes of the tissue conductivities are to be found and also have a clear diagnostic significance. One such(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the validity of electrical impedance tomography to detect and quantify the amount of tidal recruitment caused by different positive end-expiratory pressure levels in a porcine acute lung injury model. DESIGN Randomized, controlled, prospective experimental study. SETTING Academic research laboratory. SUBJECTS Twelve(More)
Today, photodynamic diagnostics is commonly used in endoscopic intervention of the urinary bladder. Excited by a narrow band illumination, fluorescence markers enhance the visual contrast between benign and malignant tissue. Since in this modality the endoscope must be moved close to the bladder wall to provide sufficiently exposed images, the field of view(More)
Modern automobiles include an increasing number of assistance systems to increase the driver's safety. This feasibility study investigated unobtrusive capacitive ECG measurements in an automotive environment. Electrodes integrated into the driving seat allowed to measure a reliable ECG in 86% of the drivers; when only (light) cotton clothing was worn by the(More)
Capacitive biopotential measurements suffer from strong motion artifacts, which may result in long time periods during which a reliable measurement is not possible. This study examines contact electrification and triboelectricity as possible reasons for these artifacts and discusses local triboelectric effects on the electrode-body interface as well as(More)