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Rigorous modelling techniques and specialised analysis methods support enterprise architects when embarking on enterprise architecture management (EAM). Yet, while customised modelling solutions provide scalability, adaptability and flexibility they are often in conflict with generic or reusable visualisations. We present an approach to augment customised(More)
Fragmentation of information across instances of different metamodels poses a significant problem for software developers and leads to a major increase in effort of transformation development. Moreover, compositions of metamodels tend to be incomplete, imprecise, and erroneous, making it impossible to present it to users or use it directly as input for(More)
The demand for increasing performance is ac ontinuous trend in computing. Today'smulti-core processors and future many-core processors require software developers to exploit concurrencyinsoftware as faraspossible. To ease the task of developing concurrent software we present our Coordination-First approach and the coordination modelling language SCOPE that(More)
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