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We present a new model system, which facilitates scaling of ecosystem processes from the site to regional simulation domains. The new framework LandscapeDNDC—partly based on the biogeochemical site scale model DNDC—inherits a series of new features with regard to process descriptions, model structure and data I/O functionality. LandscapeDNDC incorporates(More)
Replacing paddy rice by upland systems such as maize cultivation is an on-going trend in SE Asia caused by increasing water scarcity and higher demand for meat. How such land management changes will feedback on soil C and N cycles and soil greenhouse gas emissions is not well understood at present. A new LandscapeDNDC biogeochemical module was developed(More)
CO2 exchange processes in forest ecosystems are of profound ecological and economic importance, meaning there is a need for generally applicable simulation tools. However, process-based ecosystem models, which are in principal suitable for the task, are commonly evaluated at only a few sites and for a limited number of plant species. It is thus often(More)
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