Steffen Kandler

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Discovering the functional connectivity and modeling the dynamics of neuronal networks is essential to understand neural information processing. Here we focus on neuro-nal cultures of neocortical tissue, which are closed system in vitro neural networks. Recordings of spontaneous activity from neuronal cultures using multi-electrode array (MEA) technology(More)
Cultured neuronal networks are an interesting experimental model in which neurons are freed from cortical architecture and plated on microelectrode arrays (MEA). Present in their dynamics are periods of strongly synchronized spiking by the network, termed 'bursting', whose role is not understood but dominates network dynamics and, due to its resistance to(More)
The emergence of spontaneous bursting events in developing neuronal networks likely depends on the evolving network connectivity. Theoretical models have shown that hierarchical network structures embedding clusters of strongly interconnected neurons are optimal for initiating and sustaining spontaneous activity [1]. It is conceivable that(More)
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