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General pulse sequence elements that achieve sensitivity-enhanced coherence transfer from a heteronucleus to protons of arbitrary multiplicity are introduced. The building blocks are derived from the sensitivity-enhancement scheme introduced by Cavanagh et al. ((1991) J. Magn. Reson., 91, 429-436), which was used in conjunction with gradient coherence(More)
In this paper, we introduce optimal control algorithm for the design of pulse sequences in NMR spectroscopy. This methodology is used for designing pulse sequences that maximize the coherence transfer between coupled spins in a given specified time, minimize the relaxation effects in a given coherence transfer step or minimize the time required to produce a(More)
Oxidized and reduced hen lysozyme denatured in 8 M urea at low pH have been studied in detail by NMR methods. 15N correlated NOESY and TOCSY experiments have provided near complete sequential assignment for both 1H and 15N resonances. Over 900 NOEs, including 130 (i, i + 2) and 23 (i, i + 3) NOEs, could be identified by analysis of the NOESY spectra of the(More)
Real-time in vivo measurements of metabolites are performed by signal enhancement of [1-(13)C]pyruvate using dynamic nuclear polarization, rapid dissolution and intravenous injection, acquisition of free induction decay signals and subsequent quantification of spectra. The commonly injected dose of hyperpolarized pyruvate is larger than typical tracer(More)
Laminin-5r is a basement membrane component that promotes rapid adhesion and hemidesmosome formation in epithelial cells. We raised monoclonal antibodies and identified their corresponding epitopes on the constituent chains of laminin-5r by western blotting. Using a combination of immunoprecipitation and ELISA assays, we determined that these epitopes are(More)
Subtilosin A produced by Bacillus subtilis is a macrocyclic peptide antibiotic which comprises 35 amino acids. Its molecular mass (3399.7 Da), determined by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry, and chemical properties gave experimental support for unusual intramolecular linkages. The three-dimensional fold of native(More)
The oligosaccharide antibiotic avilamycin A is composed of a polyketide-derived dichloroisoeverninic acid moiety attached to a heptasaccharide chain consisting of six hexoses and one unusual pentose moiety. We describe the generation of mutant strains of the avilamycin producer defective in different sugar biosynthetic genes. Inactivation of two genes (aviD(More)
Relaxation effects impose fundamental limitations on our ability to coherently control quantum mechanical phenomena. In this article, we use principles of optimal control theory to establish physical limits on how closely a quantum mechanical system can be steered to a desired target state in the presence of relaxation. In particular, we explicitly compute(More)
Isotropic mixing sequences are one of the key methods to achieve efficient coherence transfer. Among them, the MOCCA-XY16, which keeps the magnetization longitudinal for a significant amount of time, is characterised by favourable relaxation properties. We show here that its adapted version is particularly suited for carbonyl-carbonyl correlations in (13)C(More)