Steffen Huber

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One of the limiting factors for high resolution magnetic resonance coronary angiography (MRCA) is the motion of the heart during breathing. Current approaches use mainly motion correction in one dimension. We aimed to determine the relation between diaphragmatic motion and cardiac motion as well as the potential influence from external restraints reducing(More)
Cyber-physical systems (CPS) represent a new class of information system that also takes real-world data and effects into account. Software-controlled sensors, actuators and smart objects enable a close coupling of the cyber and physical worlds. Introducing processes into CPS to automate repetitive tasks promises advantages regarding resource utilization(More)
We present PROtEUS--a context-adaptive workflow engine for smart environments. To cope with the heterogeneity and dynamic nature of ubiquitous systems, PROtEUS extends existing workflow engines by introducing dynamic sensor event streams, IoT services and humans as first class citizens. These resources can be selected at runtime based on their capabilities(More)