Steffen Herbold

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In this article, we present a novel algorithmic method for the calculation of thresholds for a metric set. To this aim, machine learning and data mining techniques are utilized. We define a data-driven methodology that can be used for efficiency optimization of existing metric sets, for the simplification of complex classification models, and for the(More)
Most software systems are operated using a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Therefore, bugs are often triggered by user interaction with the software's GUI. Hence, accurate and reliable GUI usage information is an important tool for bug fixing, as the reproduction of a bug is the first important step towards fixing it. To support bug reproduction, a generic,(More)
During the software development process, the time and resources for quality assurance are limited. Therefore, project managers benefit from knowing in advance if a decision leads to decreasing quality. For this, we build an agent-based simulation tool for software processes for testing the effect of changing parameters, e.g., development team size. Since(More)
Event-driven software is very diverse, e.g., in form of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), Web applications, or embedded software. Regardless of the application, the challenges for testing event-driven software are similar. Most event-driven systems allow a huge number of possible event sequences, which makes exhaustive testing infeasible. As a possible(More)
The evolution of software projects is driven by developers who are in control of the developed artifacts. When analyzing the behavior of developers, the observable behaviors are, e.g., commits, messages, or bug assignments. For defining dynamic activities and workload of developers, we consider underlying characteristics, which means the level of(More)
In this paper, we present AutoQUEST, a testing platform for Event-Driven Software (EDS) that decouples the implementation of testing techniques from the concrete platform they should be applied to. AutoQUEST provides the means to define testing techniques against an abstract Application Programming Interface (API) and provides plugins to port the testing(More)
Research in software repository mining has grown considerably the last decade. Due to the data-driven nature of this venue of investigation, we identified several problems within the current state-of-the-art that pose a threat to the external validity of results. The heavy re-use of data sets in many studies may invalidate the results in case problems with(More)