Steffen Gerhardt

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Pegylated liposomal doxorubicin (PLD) is active in metastatic breast cancer. This observational study evaluated the efficacy and safety of PLD in patients treated during routine clinical practice. Eligible patients had metastatic breast cancer and were treated with PLD according to the dose and schedule determined by their physician as part of routine(More)
A case of frontometaphyseal dysplasia (Gorlin-Cohen syndrome) in a child is described. The boy showed characteristic musculoskeletal changes, and had bilateral symptomatic cavovarus deformities of the feet. Surgical management of the foot deformities and the outcome are discussed.
In a young woman a strong carpal-tunnel-syndrome was observed after everey of her three deliveries, apparently at the termination of the lactation. Pain and tingling in the arms and hands was very good to be influenced by diuretics. It has be concluded from these facts, that this type of carpal-tunnel-syndrome is to trace back to a temporary generalized(More)
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