Steffen Friedrich

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There are numerous approaches towards quantifying the performance of NoSQL datastores with respect to dimensions that are notoriously hard to capture such as staleness or consistency in general. Many of these approaches, though, are built on assumptions regarding the underlying infrastructure or the test scenario and may lead to invalid results, if those(More)
In recent years, various distributed NoSQL datastores have been developed that offer horizontal scalability and higher availability than traditional relational databases, but fewer querying options and only reduced consistency guarantees. The diversity of the design space makes it difficult to understand the performance implications of individual system(More)
The expiration-based caching model of the web is generally considered irreconcilable with the dynamic workloads of cloud database services, where expiration dates are not known in advance. In this paper, we present the Cache Sketch data structure which makes expiration-based caching of database records feasible with rich tun-able consistency guarantees. The(More)
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