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PURPOSE Bilateral convergent strabismus with exophthalmos (BCSE) is a widespread inherited eye defect in several cattle populations. Its progressive condition often leads to blindness in affected cattle and shortens their length of productive life. Furthermore, breeding with BCSE-affected animals is forbidden by the German animal welfare laws. We performed(More)
PURPOSE We performed an association study for bilateral convergent strabismus with exophthalmus (BCSE) in German Brown cattle using single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) located within six positional candidate genes and additional SNPs from bovine SNP databases surrounding these candidate genes. Mutation analyses included synaptotagmin 3 and 5 (SYT3,(More)
TSENG & SAFA (1981) have reported the use of primary cultures to study the effects of tamoxifen on a cell subpopulation of the 7,1 2-dimethylbenz(x)anthracene (DMBA)-induced rat mammary tumour. A similar system has been used to study the effects of thiotepa on a different sub-population. Thiotepa (triethylenethiophosphora-mide, Lederle) is a polyfunctional(More)
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