Steffen Braun

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The demand for low-priced solar cells with higher efficiencies becomes more necessary to reach grid parity. An optimized solar cell design which uses the same equipment as state of the art solar cells could be easily implemented into solar industry. In this paper an approach for a front side design is discussed, using more busbars than the widely used three(More)
Successful concepts of self-organization found in natural systems can enable enterprise information systems to address their complexity issues. In this paper, we propose an analysis of self-organization approaches found in natural sciences and information technology. Based on common classes both for application areas and mechanisms, these two fields are(More)
OBJECTIVES Wear of total hip replacements has been the focus of many studies. However, frictional effects, such as high loading on intramodular connections or the interface to the bone, as well as friction associated squeaking have recently increased interest about the amount of friction that is generated during daily activities. The aim of this study was(More)
BACKGROUND The number of total shoulder arthroplasties has increased in the past years, with encouraging results. However, the survival of anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty (aTSA) is lower compared with that of knee and hip replacements. Wear-associated problems like loosening are well-known causes of long-term failure of aTSA. The main purpose of this(More)
BACKGROUND Taper corrosion has been identified to be a major concern in total hip arthroplasty during the past years. So far, the mechanisms that lead to taper corrosion in modular taper junctions are not fully understood. However, it has been shown that corrosion is also influenced by the geometry and topography of the taper, and these parameters vary(More)
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