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—This paper presents a technology review of voltage-source-converter topologies for industrial medium-voltage drives. In this highly active area, different converter topologies and circuits have found their application in the market. This paper covers the high-power voltage-source inverter and the most used multilevel-inverter topologies, including the(More)
High frequency simulation models for power cables and motors are the key tools that aid a better understanding of the overvoltage problem in PWM drives with long feeders. In this paper, the frequency responses of the cable and the motor windings are obtained experimentally and suitable models are developed to match the experimental results. Several lumped(More)
—This paper compares the expense of power semiconductors and passive components of a (2.3 kV, 2.4 MVA) two-level, three-level neutral-point-clamped, three-level flying-capacitor, four-level flying-capacitor, and five-level series-connected H-bridge voltage source converter on the basis of the state-of-the-art 6.5-, 3.3-, 2.5-, and 1.7-kV insulated gate(More)
This paper describes the design of a (4-kV, 4.16-MVA) three-level neutral-point-clamped-, three-level flying-capacitor-, four-level flying-capacitor-, and nine-level seriesconnected H-bridge voltage-source converter on the basis of state-of-the-art 6.5-, 4.5-, 3.3- and 1.7-kV insulated gate bipolar transistors. The semiconductor loss distribution and the(More)
The HP-ASD technology has experienced a huge development in the last decade. This can be appreciated by the large number of recently introduced drive configurations on the market. In addition, many industrial applications are reaching MV operation and megawatt range or have experienced changes in requirements on efficiency, performance, and power quality,(More)
This paper compares a three-level neutral point clamped voltage source converter (3L-NPC VSC), a three-level flying capacitor voltage source converter (3L-FLC VSC), a four-level flying capacitor voltage source converter (4L-FLC VSC) and nine-level-series connected H-bridge voltage source converter (9L-SCHB VSC) on the basis of state-of-the-art 6.5 kV, 4.5(More)