Steffan Baron

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Image-guided robots have been widely used for bone shaping and percutaneous access to interventional sites. However, due to high-accuracy requirements and proximity to sensitive nerves and brain tissues, the adoption of robots in inner-ear surgery has been slower. In this paper the authors present their recent work towards developing two image-guided(More)
This paper reports the results of a study of Web usage of 139 users over a 8 month period of time. It uses a longitudinal Web log analysis of the URLs accessed during 33916 user-days of Web usage. It aims to detect changes in Web usage associated with increased experience of using the Web. Specifically, it answers the question whether or not users shift(More)
Entscheidungsunterstützung ist ein kontinuierli-cher Prozeß, der neben den Auswirkungen der ei-genen Entscheidungen auch die Einflüsse exter-ner Faktoren berücksichtigen muß. Da diese in den meisten Fällen nicht direkt, d.h. ¨ uber ein separates Attribut, in den Daten enthalten sind, sind sie nur indirektüber die zeitliche Dimension ih-res Einflusses zu(More)
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