Stefany Horta

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In humans, a person's chronotype depends on environmental cues and on individual characteristics, with late chronotypes prevailing in youth. Social jetlag (SJL), the misalignment between an individual׳s biological clock and social time, is higher in late chronotypes. Strong SJL is expected in Uruguayan university students with morning class schedules and(More)
Analysis was done on 70 cases of regularly controlled use of an IUD for 4 years or more. No distinction was made among devices used. 64.2% of the sample had used an IUD from 4 to 5 years, 20% from 5 to 6 years and 15.8% for more than 6. 37% of the sample was between 20-29 years of age, 58.5% between 30-39, and 4.2% over 40. All had more than 2 children and(More)
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