Stefanos Katsavounis

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This paper presents a variant of vehicle routing problem, incorporating factors of transportation costs in conjunction with adverse situations. The effects of hazardous materials (HazMat) transportation are examined on airpollution exposure levels, as well as the risk and damage in the case of accidents. In an urban network, the various weights that can be(More)
In order to be proactive to accidents, there is a need to limit systems’ threats and vulnerabilities by being able to perceive and comprehend them as early as possible. Under this notion, the concept of ‘risk Situation Awareness provision capability’ is introduced, indicating that the elements of a system, tangible or not, have an impact on the enhancement(More)
New technologies and particularly the information and communication technologies (ICT) have influenced almost all human activities, such as research, the financial world, entertainment and evidently education. Specifically in the domain of education ICT have given a new motivation to distance education and training. It is well known that distance education(More)
This paper reviews the model-based qualitative and quantitative Operations Management research in the context of Construction Supply Chain Management (CSCM). Construction industry has been traditionally blamed for low productivity, cost and time overruns, waste, high fragmentation and adversarial relationships. The construction industry has been slower than(More)
The management of a project, especially in the construction industry, is without doubt a subject of high interest, demanding and complex and in the same time challenging and exciting. In the line process of planning-supervision-control, the last element enables the manager to determine the deviation range of actual practice from the original planning.(More)
Scheduling and resource allocation problems require numerous constraints and objectives. Latency constraints and network parameters have to be considered explicitly to produce realistic scheduling schemes. Finding an optimum scheduling algorithm is classified in the category of NP-Hard problems. Therefore, heuristic approaches are used to produce near(More)
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