Stefanos Hoeing

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Recent studies suggest that, in the presence of heart failure, the capability of skeletal muscle to utilize delivered flow may be impaired due to maldistribution of blood flow within working muscle. Similarly, this mechanism could explain the failure of drugs to improve maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) immediately. Accordingly, we assessed muscular blood(More)
This study examined the hemodynamic and regional vascular profile of intravenous (i.v.) milrinone during increasing doses (3, 6, 12 micrograms/kg/min, n = 8) and by intraindividual comparison of milrinone and dobutamine (n = 10) in normal conscious rats. At 3 micrograms/kg/min, Milrinone increased coronary and cerebral blood flow (radioactive microspheres(More)
To characterize the systemic and regional vascular effects of atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) in chronic heart failure, central hemodynamics, regional blood flow and plasma ANP levels were determined in a rat model of myocardial infarction and failure and in sham-operated animals. Measurements were made in the conscious state before and after intravenous(More)
Objective: In mechanically ventilated patients with ARDS, determination of the lower (LIP) and upper (UIP) inflection points of the static pressure-volume curve (P-V) is crucial for planning ventilatory strategies. Recently, a simple new method was proposed for measuring the P-V curve by inflating the lung with constant low flow [14]. We hypothesized that(More)
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