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As the relevant literature and the number of experiments increase at a super linear rate, databases that curate and collect experimentally verified microRNA (miRNA) targets have gradually emerged. These databases attempt to provide efficient access to this wealth of experimental data, which is scattered in thousands of manuscripts. Aim of TarBase 6.0(More)
Nowadays, the cloud computing paradigm has given rise to new and unconventional application deployments on elastic compute infrastructures. For instance, IaaS providers are willing to support a diverse set of computing workloads, ranging from service-oriented deployments to HPC applications. As a result, the underlying systems software has to be generic(More)
Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) have become a powerful platform, that can provide significant performance benefits to data parallel applications. Graphic processors are being increasingly introduced as accelerators in high performance computing (HPC) systems due to the development of GPGPU (General-Purpose Computation on GPUs). Furthermore, virtualization(More)
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