Stefano Vitali

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This paper is devoted to show the impact of nonwhite chopping on the offset compensation in time-interleaved analog-to-digital converters. We develop a theoretical framework allowing the selection of optimal chopping sequences. We show that, on the one hand, the adoption of these (generally nonwhite) sequences allows to achieve faster offset compensation(More)
The analysis of discrete-time two-valued processes is often addressed assuming they have at most the memory of one step in the past. We here relax this assumption and propose a generator of antipodal stochastic processes which relies on a linear probability feedback that implies a memory equal to that of the feedback filter. For such a scheme an explicit(More)
This brief makes an important step forward on the ideas first presented in our earlier paper about the use of nonwhite chopping sequences for offset compensation in timeinterleaved analog-to-digital converters. More specifically, we present an adaptive system that takes advantage of nonwhite chopping in slowly nonstationary settings. Simulations show that(More)