Stefano Varisco

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— This paper presents a comparison of receding horizon and artificial neural network controllers for the modeling of human driver behavior during coupled lateral-longitudinal maneuvers. Driver models have been previously developed using control theoretic approaches, such as model predictive control, also known as receding horizon control, and have been(More)
We have conducted an experimental test at our XACT facility using an x-ray microcalorimeter with TaAu absorber and neutron transmutation doped germanium thermal sensor. The test was aimed at measuring the percentage of energy effectively thermalized after absorption of x-ray photons in superconducting tantalum. Moreover, in general, possible formation of(More)
Adjustable mirrors equipped with piezo actuators are commonly used at synchrotron and free-electron laser (FEL) beamlines, in order to optimize their focusing properties and sometimes to shape the intensity distribution of the focal spot with the desired profile. Unlike them, X-ray mirrors for astronomy are much thinner in order to enable nesting and reduce(More)
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