Stefano Turchi

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The EPC Information Service (EPCIS) is a set of specifications defined by the EPC Global Network and aimed at enabling heterogeneous applications to share EPC-related data, both within and across enterprises. The standard specifies the EPCIS Capture and Query Interfaces by leveraging HTTP binding and WS* specifications. In this paper we investigate how some(More)
Drug prescription and administration processes strongly impact on the occurrence of risks in medical settings for they can be sources of adverse drug events (ADEs). A properly engineered use of information and communication technologies has proven to be a promising approach to reduce these risks. In this study, we propose PHARMA, a web information system(More)
Biobanks play a crucial role in "-Omics" research providing well-annotated samples to study major diseases, their pathways and mechanisms. Accordingly, there are major efforts worldwide to professionalize biobanks in order to provide high quality preservation and storage of biological samples with potentially greater scientific impact. Biobanks are an(More)
Personal use is permitted. For any other purpose, permission must be obtained from the IEEE by emailing Abstract— The technological advances in hardware and software communication technologies are speeding up the path towards the actualization of the Internet of Things. Nonetheless, novel requirements are emerging for the effective(More)
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