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We present a dynamic model where the accumulation of patents generates an increasing number of claims on sequential innovation. We compare innovation activity under three regimes –patents, no-patents, and patent pools– and find that none of them can reach the first best. We find that the first best can be reached through a decentralized tax-subsidy(More)
In this paper we propose an empirical method to develop mapping strategies between a gestural-based interface (the Gloves) and physically based sound synthesis models. An experiment was conducted to investigate which gestures listeners associate with sounds synthesised using physical models , corresponding to three categories of sound: sustained, iterative(More)
This paper describes the development of a prototype of a sonic toy for pre-scholar kids. The device, which is a modified version of a football ratchet, is based on the spinning gesture and it allows to experience four different types of auditory feedback. These algorithms let a kid play with music rhythm, generate a continuous sound feedback and control the(More)
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