Stefano Trapani

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Let S be a generic submanifold of C N of real codimension m. In this work we continue the study, carried over by various authors, of the set of analytic discs attached to S. Moreover we look at the subspaces of C N obtained by evaluating at 0 and at 1, holomorphic maps which are the infinitesimal deformations of analytic discs attached to S.
In order to clarify the otoconia formation and turnover, tetracycline, an antibiotic that precipitates at calcifying fronts and serves as a fluorescent marker, was injected into eggs at different stages of chick embryonic development, as well as into postnatal chicken and into adult animals. The changes in the intensity, location patterns and time course of(More)
We show that for every smooth generic projective hyper-surface X ⊂ P n+1 , there exists a proper subvariety Y X such that codimX Y ≥ 2 and for every non constant holomorphic entire map f : C → X one has f (C) ⊂ Y , provided deg X ≥ 2 n 5. In particular , we obtain an effective confirmation of the Kobayashi conjecture for threefolds in P 4 .
Many animal and plant viruses rely on vectors for their transmission from host to host. Grapevine fanleaf virus (GFLV), a picorna-like virus from plants, is transmitted specifically by the ectoparasitic nematode Xiphinema index. The icosahedral capsid of GFLV, which consists of 60 identical coat protein subunits (CP), carries the determinants of this(More)
A major effort has been made by the structural biology community to develop user-friendly software for the use of biologists. However, structural projects become more and more challenging and their solution often relies on a combination of information from various sources. Here, it is described how X-ray data, normal-mode analysis (NMA) and(More)
BACKGROUND Hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase (HGPRT) (EC is a central enzyme in the purine recycling pathway. Parasitic protozoa of the order Kinetoplastida cannot synthesize purines de novo and use the salvage pathway to synthesize purine bases, making this an attractive target for antiparasitic drug design. RESULTS The glycosomal(More)