Stefano Trapani

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I'm your Venus: the crystal structure of the human methylamine-induced form of α(2)-macroglobulin (α(2)M) shows its large central cavity can accommodate two medium-sized proteinases. Twelve major entrances provide access for small substrates to the cavity and the still-active trapped "prey". The structure unveils the molecular basis of the unique "venus(More)
The FFT calculation of spherical harmonics, Wigner D matrices and rotation function has been extended to all angular variables in the AMoRe molecular replacement software. The resulting code avoids singularity issues arising from recursive formulas, performs faster and produces results with at least the same accuracy as the original code. The new code aims(More)
A method for finding the center of cryo-EM images which correspond to the projections of a symmetric 3D structure, based on mathematical properties of symmetry adapted functions and the Fourier-Bessel transform, is presented. It is a model independent one-step procedure with no parameters to be chosen by the user. The proposed method is tested in one(More)
Many animal and plant viruses rely on vectors for their transmission from host to host. Grapevine fanleaf virus (GFLV), a picorna-like virus from plants, is transmitted specifically by the ectoparasitic nematode Xiphinema index. The icosahedral capsid of GFLV, which consists of 60 identical coat protein subunits (CP), carries the determinants of this(More)
Hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase (HGPRT) (EC is a central enzyme in the purine recycling pathway. Parasitic protozoa of the order Kinetoplastida cannot synthesize purines de novo and use the salvage pathway to synthesize purine bases, making this an attractive target for antiparasitic drug design. The glycosomal HGPRT from Leishmania(More)
In the past decades the study of pluri-potential theory and of its applications played a central role in complex analysis in several variables. In particular, since the basic work of Siciak [31] and Bedford and Taylor [7], [8] a great effort was made to understand the complex MongeAmpère operator and the associated generalized Dirichlet problems (for(More)
We show that for every smooth generic projective hypersurface X ⊂ P, there exists a proper subvariety Y ( X such that codimX Y ≥ 2 and for every non constant holomorphic entire map f : C → X one has f(C) ⊂ Y , provided degX ≥ 2 5 . In particular, we obtain an effective confirmation of the Kobayashi conjecture for threefolds in P.