Stefano Traca

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One of the main principles of gamification is the use of social comparison. Leaderboards are commonly used to allow players to compare their performance against others'. We sought to examine how leaderboard ranking affected satisfaction with a game and desire to play a game again. In our study, individuals in a second, fourth, or seventh position on the(More)
Scoring systems are classification models that make predictions using a sparse linear combination of variables with integer coefficients. Such systems are frequently used in medicine because they are interpretable; that is, they only require users to add, subtract and multiply a few meaningful numbers in order to make a prediction. See, for instance, these(More)
In retail, there are predictable yet dramatic time-dependent patterns in customer behavior, such as periodic changes in the number of visitors, or increases in visitors just before major holidays (e.g., Christmas). The current paradigm of multi-armed bandit analysis does not take these known patterns into account, which means that despite the firm(More)
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