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Invadopodia are proteolytically active protrusions formed by invasive tumoral cells when grown on an extracellular matrix (ECM) substratum. Although many molecular components have been defined, less is known of the formation and regulation of invadopodia. The multidomain protein cortactin, which is involved in the regulation of actin polymerisation, is one(More)
The organization of intra-Golgi trafficking and the nature of the transport intermediates involved (e.g., vesicles, tubules, or tubular continuities) remain incompletely understood. It was recently shown that successive cisternae in the Golgi stack are interconnected by membrane tubules that form during the arrival of transport carriers from the endoplasmic(More)
BACKGROUND This randomized controlled clinical trial was designed to compare the clinical outcomes of guided tissue regeneration with calcium sulfate graft and membrane (CS) versus guided tissue regeneration with collagen membrane (CM) or open flap debridement (OFD) only in terms of clinical attachment gain in periodontal intrabony defects. METHODS(More)
Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a cluster of cardiovascular risk factors that include obesity, impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes, hyperinsulinemia, hypertension, and dyslipidemia. Recently, more attention has been reserved to the correlation between periodontitis and systemic health. MetS is characterized by oxidative stress, a condition in which the(More)
Periodontal disease (Pd) is characterized by extensive alveolar bone loss, that occurs as a consequence of the impairment of the normal bone remodelling. Bone remodelling is regulated by the correct balance between osteoclast and osteoblast formation and activity. Alveolar bone loss could be due to an increased bone resorption by osteoclasts or a decreased(More)
BACKGROUND The use of locally delivered antibacterials containing chlorhexidine (CHX) was proposed to improve the effectiveness of non-surgical periodontal treatment. The present multicenter randomized study investigated the effects of a xanthan-based chlorhexidine (Xan-CHX) gel used as an adjunct to scaling and root planing (SRP) in the treatment of(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the study is to investigate human osteoblast-like cell behavior and growth in the presence of 3 different titanium implant surfaces. MATERIALS Human stem cells were first obtained and then sorted by fluorescence-activated cell sorter from mesenchymal stem cell clusters of human dental papilla. The obtained human dental papilla stem(More)
This study evaluated the use of a fixed orthodontic appliance in treatment of temporomandibular disorder (TMD) compared to the use of an intra-oral splint. Fifty (50) adult patients, with confirmed anterior disk displacement with reduction in at least one temporomandibular joint (TMJ), were divided into three groups: 20 patients treated with AR splint(More)
An investigated flavonoid, quercetin, is reviewed in this article. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid found in red wine, grapefruit, onions, apples, black tea, and, in lesser amounts, in leafy green vegetables and beans. Quercetin has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity and prevents cancer. Quercitin inhibits the growth of certain malignant cells in(More)
Classification and prognosis of larynx squamous cell carcinoma (LSCC) depends on clinical and histopathological examination. Currently, expression profiling harbors the potential to investigate, classify, and better manage cancer. Gene expression profiles of 22 primary LSCCs were analyzed by microarrays containing 19,200 cDNAs. GOAL functionally classified(More)