Stefano Tardivo

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The aim of the study was to assess the prevalence of asthma and asthma-like symptoms in the general population of Verona. A screening questionnaire, with seven questions on respiratory symptoms, was sent by mail to 3000 randomly selected subjects, aged 20-44 yrs. After three subsequent mailings, nonresponders were interviewed by telephone. The overall(More)
Identifying patients who may develop renal scarring after urinary tract infections (UTI) remains challenging, as clinical determinants explain only a portion of individual risk. An additional factor that likely affects risk is individual genetic variability. We searched for peer-reviewed articles from 1980 to December 2009 in electronic databases that(More)
Surgery is the traditional treatment for juxta-anastomotic stenoses in forearm arteriovenous fistulas (AVF), but percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) is a suitable alternative. No prospective comparative trials between the two have been reported to date, however. A retrospective analysis of prospectively, concurrently collected data was performed to(More)
BACKGROUND The training of health workers is a key issue for the prevention of healthcare associated infections. OBJECTIVES To evaluate knowledge of nursing and medical students concerning the prevention of healthcare associated infections. DESIGN A cross-sectional study. SETTING University hospitals in nine Italian cities. PARTICIPANTS One thousand(More)
BACKGROUND Long Term Care Facilities (LTCFs) play a key role in guaranteeing care to patients in developed countries. Many patients, mostly elderly, access LTCFs at some time in their lives, and their healthcare pathways often require them to move back and forth between hospital and outpatient settings. These patterns bring about new challenges regarding(More)
Pneumococcus is considered one of the main causes of the infections acquired in the community setting and also seems to be the most frequent cause of community-acquired pneumonia in children under 5 years of age. To establish suitable preventive measures as vaccination policy, it would be important to document the incidence of IPD. The main feature of this(More)
BACKGROUND Implementing infection control measures in light of healthcare-associated infection (HAI) surveillance data can prevent HAIs. Surveillance has been associated with a reduction of HAI in intensive care unit (ICU) patients, though the reasons for this improvement remain unclear. AIM To evaluate changes in healthcare-associated infection (HAI)(More)
The middle pancreatic resection for benign pathology of the pancreas has been proposed as an advantageous alternative to the distal pancreatectomy, even though the risk of complications is greater. The purpose of the present study is to compare the cost and intra and perioperative impact for the 2 procedures. All patients with benign neoplasia of the body(More)
BACKGROUND This study was designed to test the association of Chlamydia pneumoniae infection with respiratory symptoms and atopy. METHODS A general population sample of 369 young adults (aged 20-44 years) completed a questionnaire on respiratory symptoms and underwent skin prick testing. C. pneumoniae IgG and IgM serum titers were measured by(More)
BACKGROUND The Italian Study Group on Hospital Hygiene of the Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health conducted a multicentre survey aiming to evaluate undergraduate health care students' knowledge of tuberculosis and tuberculosis control measures in Italy. METHODS In October 2012-June 2013, a sample of medical and nursing(More)