Stefano Tarantola

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This paper outlines the first part of a series of research studies to investigate the potential and approaches for using optical remote sensing to assess vegetation water content. It first analyzes why most methods used as approximations of vegetation water content (such as vegetation stress indices, estimation of degree of curing and chlorophyll content)(More)
Subscribers to this printed periodical are entitled to free online access. If you do not yet have online access via your institution's network, contact your librarian or, if you subscribe personally, send an email to This Handbook is a guide for constructing and using composite indicators for policy makers, academics, the media and(More)
Article history: Received 30 June 2009 Received in revised form 18 September 2009 Accepted 28 September 2009 Available online 30 September 2009 Variance based methods have assessed themselves as versatile and effective among the various available techniques for sensitivity analysis of model output. Practitioners can in principle describe the sensitivity(More)
This presentation aims to introduce global sensitivity analysis (SA), targeting an audience unfamiliar with the topic, and to give practical hints about the associated advantages and the effort needed. To this effect, we shall review some techniques for sensitivity analysis, including those that are not global, by applying them to a simple example. This(More)
Composite indicators are increasingly used for bench-marking countries’ performances. Yet doubts are often raised about the robustness of the resulting countries’ rankings and about the significance of the associated policy message.We propose the use of uncertainty analysis and sensitivity analysis to gain useful insights during the process of building(More)
This paper is intended to review a number of variancebased methods used in Sensitivity Analysis (SA) to ascertain how much a model (numerical or otherwise) depends on each or some of its input parameters. A class of variance-baaed methods (correlation ratio or importance measure) that is capable of measuring only the main effect contribution of each input(More)
Fourteen years after Science’s review of sensitivity analysis (SA) methods in 1989 (System analysis at molecular scale, by H. Rabitz) we search Science Online to identify and then review all recent articles having ‘‘sensitivity analysis’’ as a keyword. In spite of the considerable developments which have taken place in this discipline, of the good practices(More)