Stefano Suin

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As networks become large and heterogeneous, network administrators need efficient tools for monitoring network activities and enforcing global security. In open environments such as universities and research organisations it is rather difficult to prevent access to core network resources without restricting user’s freedom. Ntop is an open-source web-based(More)
The task of network management is becoming increasingly complex due to the increasing number of networked computers running different operating systems and speaking various network protocols. Most of network monitoring and diagnostic tools such as ping and traceroute are suitable just for tackling simple connectivity problems. Complex network problems often(More)
Network management platforms provide flexible facilities for setting up custom applications able to detect network anomalies on a specific environment. This is because each network is made of users, services and computers with a specific behaviour that is then reflected in the generated network traffic. The goal of this paper is to show that in every(More)
The computing facilities of a computer science department offer a good opportunity to experiment with issues of distributed computing. A typical environment consists of a network of heterogeneous computers with different operating systems which need to be accessible by users with rather various expertise and requirements. While future versions of Unix (USL(More)
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