Stefano Stanzione

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This paper presents an extreme-low-power mixed-signal CMOS integrated circuit for product identification and anti-counterfeiting, which implements a physical unclonable function operating with a challenge-response scheme. We devise a series of circuits and algorithmic solutions based on the use of a process monitor and on the prediction of the erratic(More)
Wearable electronics are becoming mainstream, making personal healthcare devices in the form of, e.g., patches, wristbands and smart watches a reality. However, compared to a clinical setting, these devices have to perform their recordings in an unfavorable manner. User-comfort requirements force the use of dry electrodes without skin preparation and(More)
Energy harvesting is seen as an enabling technology for autonomous wireless sensing in automotive applications. This technology may rely on piezoelectric or electrostatic energy conversion using the energy available during the tire impact with the road. The power management system has to transfer harvested power to the load battery (few μW to mW) with the(More)
Battery life is a major concern in wireless sensing applications, as it causes a trade-off between system size and power consumption of the electronic circuits connected to it. Even if electronic circuit power consumption is steadily decreasing, the energy density of common energy storage systems is still extremely low in space-constrained applications. In(More)
A battery-powered multisensor acquisition system with five dedicated channels [electrocardiograph (50 μW), bioimpedance (46 μW), galvanic skin response (15 μW), and 2× photoplethysmogram (134 μW)] is presented. It includes an ARM Cortex M0, analog and digital filters, timestamp converter and sample rate converter (SRC), and generic interfaces to support(More)
The Authors critically review three food poisoning episodes occurred within the coverage area of ASL NA2, and the related epidemiological researches carried out by the Prevention Department. Events, methodology, results, strength points, and criticalities are singularly described for each episode. Among the main criticalities: timeliness, the missed(More)
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