Stefano Sellari Franceschini

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In this paper we provide a preliminary report on our work on the tuning of a temporal bone surgical simula-tor using parameter values derived from experimental measurements , and on the comparison between these results and the previously used " domain expert " assigned values. Our preliminary results indicate that the parameter values defined by the(More)
We describe a strategy for collecting experimental data and validating a bone-burr haptic contact model developed in a virtual surgical training system for middle ear surgery. The validation strategy is based on the analysis of data acquired during virtual and real burring sessions. Our approach involves intensive testing of the surgical simulator by expert(More)
The CRS4 experimental bone-burr simulator implements visual and haptic effects through the incorporation of a physics-based contact model and patient-specific data. Psychophysical tests demonstrate that, despite its simplified model and its inherent technological constraints, the simulator can articulate material differences, and that its users can learn to(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of co-registering preoperative MRI and postoperative CT and to assess the position of the electrode within the cochlea. MATERIAL/METHODS In a series of 14 patients, high-resolution MRI datasets of the cochlea obtained before implantation and multirow CT datasets obtained after implantation(More)
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