Stefano Sellari Franceschini

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The objective of this study is to report the initial results of a prospective trial assessing instrumental deglutition function in nasopharynx and oropharynx cancers after radio or chemoradiotherapy using intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT). IMRT was delivered aiming to spare the swallowing organ at risk (SWOARs) for Stage II-IV naso- and oropharynx(More)
We describe a strategy for collecting experimental data and validating a bone-burr haptic contact model developed in a virtual surgical training system for middle ear surgery. The validation strategy is based on the analysis of data acquired during virtual and real burring sessions. Our approach involves intensive testing of the surgical simulator by expert(More)
Virtual endoscopy is a computer-generated simulation of fiberoptic endoscopy, and its application to the study of the middle ear has been recently proposed. The need to represent the middle ear anatomy by means of virtual endoscopy arose from the increased interest of otolarygologists in transtympanic endoscopy. In fact, this imaging method allows the(More)
Allergic Fungal Sinusitis (AFS) is a newly recognized form of benign, non invasive sinusitis the histopathologic features of which are similar to those of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. AFS is a rare condition. However, because treatment and prognosis vary widely, it is important that this disorder be recognized and differentiated from chronic(More)
Many types of approaches allow extra-capsular dissection in the deep parotid parenchyma in the treatment of benign tumours. A transcervical approach (TCA), transparotid approach (TPA) and a combined transcervical-transparotid approach (TPTCA) are the three main procedures performed to expose the deep parenchyma. We conducted a retrospective chart review(More)
Sixty patients were enrolled in a controlled randomized single-blind study to compare the efficacy and tolerability of 200 mg/day nimesulide and 300 mg/day flurbiprofen given for 7 days, in the treatment of non-infectious acute inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Patients were diagnosed as follows: pharyngitis, 20 (33.4%) cases; laryngitis 11(More)
Behçet's disease is a multisystemic vasculitis of unknown aetiology. Generally, it is characterized by recurrent aphthous stomatitis, recurrent genital ulcers, uveitis with hypopion. Recently some authors reported that patients with Behçet's disease show frequently audio-vestibular involvement. We observed a 40 year-old man (case A) and a 66 year-old woman(More)
The aim of this paper is to analyse, after clinical experience with a series of patients with established diagnoses and review of the literature, all relevant anamnestic features in order to build a simple diagnostic algorithm for vertigo in childhood. This study is a retrospective chart review. A series of 37 children underwent complete clinical and(More)
Cholesteatomas were intraoperatively removed from subjects under 14 years of age presenting widespread cholesteatoma with bone erosion. The samples were studied under light and transmission electron microscopy in order to consider the features of inflammation and bone erosion. The results showed that the perimatrix of cholesteatoma in children is rich in(More)