Stefano Savio

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We examined whether specific physical exercise loading is associated with texture parameters from hip muscles scanned with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Ninety-one female athletes representing five distinct exercise-loading groups (high-impact, odd-impact, low-impact, nonimpact and high-magnitude) and 20 nonathletic female controls underwent MRI of the(More)
A long-acting cephalosporin, cefonicid, was given as a single 1 g dose to sixteen patients hospitalized for lung carcinoma and undergoing thoracic surgery. Lung and serum specimens were obtained approximately 2, 4, 6 and 12 h after injection. Antibiotic assay was made by means of a microbiological method. Effective concentrations of cefonicid in the serum(More)
Phenobarbital sodium considerably increases the liver toxicity of CCl4. The onset and course of cirrhosis induced by simultaneous oral phenobarbital sodium and inhaled CCl4 were studied in a large number of rats. The apparatus and method used are described. The results observed are expressed in terms of survival, variations in liver and spleen weight, and(More)
Many abdominal wall reconstruction techniques have generally failed to pay attention to a number of anatomical considerations concerning the continuity of the thoraco-lumboabdominal fascia that envelops the dorsal and ventral muscles. We have introduced a new surgical technique (round mesh) developed to improve the abdominal wall weakness or pathology(More)
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