Stefano Riemma

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The present paper proposes an evaluation model able to integrate the selection phase with the monitoring and the continuous analysis of the vendor performances. The vendor evaluation process is realised through an opportune methodology which puts beside qualitative judgements (i.e. the adequacy of the organisation or the maintenance management policies) and(More)
Quality Certification according to ISO9000 standards requires that firms have to be able to track every jobs, assembling steps, and equipment needful to realize each product. Another aspect of a traceability system is the possibility, for each type of product, to locate on the market every delivered ones on which analysis and/or corrective actions has to be(More)
The paper proposes an alternative method for the multi-item EOQ calculation in presence of space restrictions. The method, based on the Lagrange multipliers, consists of an iterative procedure which analyses dynamically, through the simulation, the effect of consumption rates and delivery times, determining the real stock overlapping in a fixed time period.(More)