Stefano Ricciardi

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Iannarelli's studies showed that ear shape can be considered a biometric identifier able to authenticate people as well as more established biometrics like face or voice, for instance. However, very few researches can be found in literature about ear recognition. In most cases techniques already working in other biometric fields, such as PCA (Principal(More)
In the last years, the industrial world has been increasingly adopting computer-aided solutions for design for maintainability and maintenance training tasks with the goal to reduce development costs and to shorten time, and to improve product and service quality. Computer-based training systems created to simulate machine assembly maintenance are normally(More)
Face's tri-dimensional shape represents a highly discriminating yet challenging biometric identifier due to different issues, some of which related to capture, alignment and normalization. This paper presents an improved normal map based face recognition approach, which relies on a novel method to automatically align a captured 3D face mesh to a reference(More)