Stefano Polinelli

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The conformationally restricted CHO-L-Met-Xxx-L-Phe-OY (where Xxx = Aib, Ac3c, Ac5c, Ac6c, and Ac7c; Y = H, Me) tripeptides, analogs of the chemoattractant CHO-L-Met-L-Leu-L-Phe-OH, have been(More)
The molecular and crystal structures of one derivative and three model peptides (to the pentapeptide level) of the chiral C alpha,alpha-disubstituted glycine C alpha-methyl, C alpha-isopropylglycine(More)
Conformational energy computations on Ac-L-(alpha Me)Val-NHMe indicate that turns and right-handed helical structures are particularly stable conformations for this chiral C alpha-methyl, C(More)
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