Stefano Pieretti

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BACKGROUND The significance of behavioral neuroscience and the validity of its animal models of human pathology largely depend on the possibility to replicate a given finding across different laboratories. Under the present test and housing conditions, this axiom fails to resist the challenge of experimental validation. When several mouse strains are tested(More)
Reelin is an extracellular matrix protein, secreted by GABAergic interneurons, that provides a signal for neural plasticity. A downregulation of reelin may be a factor to be considered in the study of major psychiatric disorders. The heterozygous reeler mouse model, thus, may be important to reveal those alterations in behavioral phenotype produced by(More)
N-type voltage-dependent Ca(2+) channels (CaV 2.2) are located at nerve endings in the central and peripheral nervous systems and are strongly associated with the pathological processes of cerebral ischaemia and neuropathic pain. CaV 2.2 blockers such as the ω-conotoxin MVIIA (Prialt) are analgesic and have opioid-sparing effects. With the aim to develop(More)
PURPOSE Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) are synthetic androgen-like compounds that are abused in sport communities despite their adverse effects. Nerve growth factor (NGF) influences neuronal differentiation and survival, and it also mediates higher brain functions such as learning and memory. Changes in NGF expression have been implicated in(More)
In this study we investigated how the peptides derived from the glucocorticoid-inducible protein annexin 1 are able to alter the nociceptive threshold of mice. The effects of the annexin1 fragment 2-26 (Anxa1(2-26)) on nociceptive threshold were studied using both chemical (formalin test) and thermal (hot plate and tail flick test) nociceptive stimuli on(More)
There is much evidence to suggest that gender is an important factor in the modulation of pain. Literature data strongly suggest that men and women differ in their responses to pain: they are more variable in women than men, with increased pain sensitivity and many more painful diseases commonly reported among women. Gender differences in pharmacological(More)
The behavioral analysis of laboratory mice plays a key role in several medical and scientific research areas, such as biology, toxicology, pharmacology, and so on. Important information on mice behavior and their reaction to a particular stimulus is deduced from a careful analysis of their movements. Moreover, behavioral analysis of genetically modified(More)
Evaluating the behavior of mice and rats has substantially contributed to the progress of research in many scientific fields. Researchers commonly observe recorded video of animal behavior and manually record their observations for later analysis, but this approach has several limitations. The authors developed an automated system for tracking and analyzing(More)
BACKGROUND Liquorice extracts demonstrate therapeutic efficacy in treating dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis when compared with corticosteroids. In this work, nonionic surfactant vesicles (niosomes, NSVs) containing polysorbate 20 (Tween 20), cholesterol, and cholesteryl hemisuccinate at different molar concentrations were used to prepare monoammonium(More)