Stefano Paolozzi

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We present the semantic-based architecture of the ARISTO-TELE platform, which is founded on the definition and development of models, methodologies, technologies and tools to support the emergence of competences and creativity within workers by self-organizing acquisition , processing and sharing of new information inside knowledge-intensive organizations.(More)
Interoperability of ontologies and databases has received a lot of attention recently. However, most of the work has concentrated on specific problems (such as storing an on-tology in a database or making database data available to ontologies) and referred to specific models for each of the two. Here we propose an approach that aims at being more general(More)
The ontologies are used to state the meaning of the terms used in data produced, shared and consumed within the context of Semantic Web applications. The folksonomies instead are an emergent phenomenon of the Social Web and represent the result of free tagging of information and objects in a social environment. Both ontologies and folksonomies are(More)
Semantic annotations represent a basic technology for the creation of meaningful content for the semantic Web. Many tools have been developed to realize semantic annotations platforms also using ontologies. An important characteristic such tools should satisfy is the semantic interoperability with other systems or tools. In this paper we examine problems of(More)
The growing importance of RDF as a tool for describing information on the Web has risen a number of interesting works regarding the management of RDF documents. The effective management of RDF data has been an increasingly pressing active area of the current research. However current data management solutions for RDF data present the following shortcomings:(More)
Multimodal interfaces can be profitably used to support increasingly complex services in assistive environments. In particular, sketch-based interfaces offer users an effortless and powerful communication way to represent concepts and commands on different devices. Unlike other modalities, sketch-based interaction can be easily fitted according to(More)