Stefano Pagliara

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We introduce real-time deformability cytometry (RT-DC) for continuous cell mechanical characterization of large populations (>100,000 cells) with analysis rates greater than 100 cells/s. RT-DC is sensitive to cytoskeletal alterations and can distinguish cell-cycle phases, track stem cell differentiation into distinct lineages and identify cell populations(More)
Although cellular mechanical properties are known to alter during stem cell differentiation, understanding of the functional relevance of such alterations is incomplete. Here, we show that during the course of differentiation of human myeloid precursor cells into three different lineages, the cells alter their viscoelastic properties, measured using an(More)
Transport of ions, [ 1 , 2 ] proteins, [ 3 ] antibiotics [ 4 , 5 ] and other macro-molecular solutes through channels and pores is ubiquitous in nature. In particular channel-facilitated diffusion relies on optimized binding sites for the transported particles inside the channel. [ 6 ] Well characterized examples include membrane channels such as(More)
Quantifying drug permeability across lipid membranes is crucial for drug development. In addition, reduced membrane permeability is a leading cause of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, and hence there is a need for new technologies that can quantify antibiotic transport across biological membranes. We recently developed an optofluidic assay that directly(More)
We present here the measurement of the diffusivity of spherical particles closely confined by narrow microchannels. Our experiments yield a two-dimensional map of the position-dependent diffusion coefficients parallel and perpendicular to the channel axis with a resolution down to 129 nm. The diffusivity was measured simultaneously in the channel interior,(More)
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