Stefano Morrocchi

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It is shown that the covariance intersection fusion rule, widely used in the context of distributed estimation, has a nice information-theoretic interpretation in terms of consensus on the Kullback-Leibler average of Gaussian probability density functions (PDFs). Based on this observation, a novel distributed state estimator based on the consensus among(More)
A PHD (Probability Hypothesis Density) filter and multiscan association are combined in a feedback fashion in order to provide robust and efficient multitarget tracking. The resulting hybrid tracker, thanks to the feedback connection, provides remarkable performance improvements with respect to both an open-loop PHD filter with estimate extraction via(More)
A novel approach to multitarget multisensor tracking, exploiting the feedback connection of a PHD (Probability Hypothesis Density) smoother and multisensor multidimensional data association, is presented. The PHD smoother is used to initialize target tracks while the feedback from the hard data association makes the PHD smoother, and hence the overall(More)
An electron spin resonance study of the radical formed when 2,4-pyridinedicarbonitrile (1) is irradiated in the cavity of an ESR spectrometer has been done and the values of the r-spin populations on the ring atoms were determined from the measured proton and nitrogen couplings. Radicals were generated by in situ photolysis of deaerated solutions of 1. The(More)
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