Stefano Michieletto

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This paper proposes a fast and robust multi-people tracking algorithm for mobile platforms equipped with a RGB-D sensor. Our approach features an efficient point cloud depth-based clustering, an HOG-like classification to robustly initialize a person tracking and a person classifier with online learning to manage the person ID matching even after a full(More)
— In controlled industrial environments, laser triangulation is an effective technique for 3D reconstruction, which is increasingly being used for quality inspection and metrology. In this paper, we propose a method for calibrating a dual laser triangulation system – consisting of a camera, two line lasers, and a linear motion platform – designed to perform(More)
In this paper, we present an improved version of our Dual Laser Triangu-lation System, a low-cost color 3D model acquisition system built with commonly available machine vision products. The system produces a color point cloud model of scanned objects that can be used to perform completeness inspection tasks on assembly lines. In particular, we show that(More)
The following paper presents the ROS-I interface developed to control Comau manipulators. Initially, the Comau controller allowed users to command a real robot thanks to motion primitives formulated through a Comau motion planning library. Now, either a ROS or a non ROS-compliant platform can move either a real or a virtual Comau robot using any motion(More)