Stefano Michieletto

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This paper proposes a fast and robust multi-people tracking algorithm for mobile platforms equipped with a RGB-D sensor. Our approach features an efficient point cloud depth-based clustering, an HOG-like classification to robustly initialize a person tracking and a person classifier with online learning to manage the person ID matching even after a full(More)
— In controlled industrial environments, laser triangulation is an effective technique for 3D reconstruction, which is increasingly being used for quality inspection and metrology. In this paper, we propose a method for calibrating a dual laser triangulation system – consisting of a camera, two line lasers, and a linear motion platform – designed to perform(More)
In this paper, we present an improved version of our Dual Laser Triangu-lation System, a low-cost color 3D model acquisition system built with commonly available machine vision products. The system produces a color point cloud model of scanned objects that can be used to perform completeness inspection tasks on assembly lines. In particular, we show that(More)
In this paper, we present a low-cost and highly configurable quality inspection system capable of capturing 2.5D color data, created using off-the-shelf machine vision components, open-source software libraries, and a combination of standard and novel algorithms for 2.5D data processing. The system uses laser triangulation to capture 3D depth, in parallel(More)
—Humanoids playing soccer are required to solve a great variety of tasks: from perception to body motion, from decision making to team coordination. On the other hand, results from this community are sometimes underestimated or unex-ploited because of the dedicated software developed. In particular simulators are often designed for a specific robotics(More)
Our research aims at providing a humanoid robot with the ability of observing, learning, and reproducing actions performed by humans in order to acquire new skills. In other words, we want to apply artificial intelligence techniques to automatically recognize a human activity in order to make a humanoid robot able to reproduce it.This system has not only to(More)