Stefano Menichetti

Chiara Falciani2
Lorenzo Depau2
Alessandro Pini2
Eleonora Tenori2
2Chiara Falciani
2Lorenzo Depau
2Alessandro Pini
2Eleonora Tenori
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Despite recent advances in multimodal therapy, bladder cancer still ranks ninth in worldwide cancer incidence. New molecules which might improve early diagnosis and therapeutic efficiency for tumors of such high epidemiological impact therefore have very high priority. In the present study, the tetrabranched neurotensin peptide NT4 was conjugated with(More)
  • Jlenia Brunetti, Serena Pillozzi, Chiara Falciani, Lorenzo Depau, Eleonora Tenori, Silvia Scali +5 others
  • 2015
Taxanes are highly effective chemotherapeutic drugs against proliferating cancer and an established option in the standard treatment of ovarian and breast cancer. However, treatment with paclitaxel is associated with severe side effects, including sensory axonal neuropathy, and its poor solubility in water complicates its formulation. In this paper we(More)
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